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For technical questions about Soviet topographic map symbols please look at U.S. Army Technical Manual TM 30-548 Soviet Topographic Map Symbols. This is included in the package you purchased. Click on the "Soviet map symbols" link on the Key map. The manual describes in English over 750 different Soviet topographic map symbols. A number of questions may be answered by looking at the Introduction link on the Key map which comes with each atlas.

Answers to some questions about the atlases and maps

What software is needed?
The only software needed is a browser and a pdf reader.

Can I run the atlas off my SD card?
Yes, the atlas is designed to run quickly and efficiently off the SD card. No files are written to your hard drive.

Can I run the atlas off my hard drive?
Yes, instructions are provided in the Introduction link on the Key map. The following hard drive space will be needed: Turkey about 4.3 GB, Greece about 4.1 GB, Albania about 2.1 GB, Iran about 2.1 GB, Iraq about 2.1 GB, Egypt about 1.2 GB, and the rest under 800 MB.

Are there any changes to the computer's registry?
No. There are no complicated installation or uninstallation procedures. Frankly, experience shows that many annoying problems arise when mapping software gets complicated, especially when installing, uninstalling, and upgrading. If you have ever used mapping software from some of the larger commercial mapping software houses, you probably already know this.

Why so inexpensive?
Patrick R. Galloway is providing a service to those interested in high quality detailed topographic maps. The compensation is for services rendered by Patrick R. Galloway in the collection of the information and the transformation of the information into a useful and easily accessible format.

What are the numbers outside the margins of the Soviet maps?
Ignore the numbers occasionally seen outside the margins of some Soviet topographic maps. They appear to be of no use.

How accurate are the Soviet maps?
We have used them for many years and often match them with the Tactical Pilotage Chart maps (which are also included in each set). They have always matched perfectly. Some Soviet maps for sale by other vendors have important features like airfields removed.
All of our maps have all the airfields plus over 750 other topographic features.

How can I use your maps with site plans?
Open two windows, one with the Soviet map, and one with your site plan. Zoom in or out on each until the distance scales match.

Where is the distance scale on the Soviet maps?
Everywhere. Every Soviet topographic map has a convenient grid overlay to show distance scale. For
Greece, Albania, and Israel, the grid consists of 1 kilometer squares; Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait 2 kilometer squares; and Iran, Egypt, and Cyprus 4 kilometer squares.

What is the projection on the Soviet maps?
The projection is Gauss-Krasovskii based on Pulkovo 1942 datum Krasovskii spheroid.

Are some these maps available at the Earth Sciences Library at the University of California, Berkeley?
Digital Soviet maps are for archival purposes only at the Earth Sciences Library at the University of California, Berkeley. Patrons cannot copy them. In fact they do not circulate inside or outside the library. To quote from their web site: "Digital Topographic Map Sets are offline. The CD-ROM and DVD discs do not circulate, either inside or outside of the library."

What about copyright?
All software, code, files, and scanned images contained herein and on the SD cards are protected by international copyright law. Permission to copy a portion of an image will usually be granted. Send request to

Contact if you have other questions.

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